We are Jedidiah and Jenniah Armstrong, and Heart and Home is our ministry based out of Niagara Falls. We have spent years in pastoral ministry with worship and creative arts, youth, young adults, and children’s ministry as well as teaching private music lessons.

We are passionate about seeing people come into the full realization of their identity in Christ and living with their hearts fully alive in Him. One of the primary ways that we connect to God is through worship, and we believe that our first priority is His Presence in our lives. We are at home in His Presence.

In John 10:10, Jesus said that He came that we would have life and that life would be abundant and full.



We love to show people what that looks like and equip them to live and experience the full life that Jesus promised every day.  To live a life that is victorious, filled with the grace and power of God at work to enable us to know Him, be known by Him, and fulfill our calling and destiny that He has prepared for us.

Below is a brief listing of what we offer and are passionate about in ministry.

Worship Leading

We love to worship and are available to lead worship for services, conferences, retreats, young adult events, youth events, and children’s events.

Worship Training and Teaching

We offer training for worship teams with a focus on both the practical and spiritual elements involved in leading a congregation in worship.

In addition to training for Worship teams, we offer teaching in worship for those who are not musicians. We are all created to worship no matter what our gifts or talents are. And we are passionate about seeing people be able to worship from their hearts freely and with joy.

We are available to come for day seminars, weekend retreats, services, and more.

Topics that we cover include:

  • Tabernacle of David
  • Heart of Worship
  • Seven Hebrew words of Praise
  • Hosting God’s Presence
  • Intimacy with God
  • Prophetic Worship
  • Covenant Relationship
  • Family
  • Pursuit of Honour
  • God is Good
  • Stewarding Gifts
  • Pursuit of Excellence
  • Overcoming fear and failure
  • Worship training for children

In the practical aspects of worship training topics that we cover include: 

  • Keyboard and Piano workshops
  • Acoustic and electric guitar workshops
  • Bass workshops
  • Soundboards and effects
  • The importance of practicing
  • Being a part of a team
  • Leading a team
  • Vocal health as a worship leader
  • Graphic design
  • Songwriting
  • Music Theory

Heart Teaching

We love seeing God transform lives and hearts and we are passionate about people living from a place of healing and wholeness. We are no longer sinners but saints, and no longer servants but sons and daughters. Our heart is for people to understand their identity and live from that place.

Topics include:

  • Identity
  • Family and covenant relationship
  • Physical and Emotional Healing
  • Goodness of God
  • Overcoming fear and failure
  • Lifestyle of Honour
  • Discovering your calling and destiny